Illustrations and graphic design

I’ll tell you a secret, creating illustrations and graphic design are the two most rewarding parts of my job, and I always take on these projects with a special delight and a lot of love. I adore souvenirs, stationery, books and other beautiful things. That’s why I always put a lot of effort into creating wonderful and original illustrations for my clients so they’ll stand out from their competitors.

Where can you buy custom illustrations?

You can buy custom illustrations right here. You can use them to decorate postcards, souvenirs, gifts, websites, books… basically anything your heart desires. I draw using alcohol based markers, which allow me to convey the brightness of emotions and positive feelings on paper. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, or visit the “Portfolio” section of the website, for examples of my work.

If you like what I do and you want to order illustrations for your project, send me a message by clicking on the link below. I will get back to you, as soon as possible, with a timeline for your project and the cost of this service.

Work duration: from 3 days
Price: subject to agreement

Work stages


First of all, you will need to formulate the terms of reference: specify the purpose of the website and indicate your preferences in regard to the storyline of the illustrations, necessary details, colors etc.


Then, I will create quick sketches and send them for your approval.


Once I get your approval, I’ll produce the finished illustrations.


Why so expensive?

  • Because I use an individual approach to each client and I’ll work closely with you to try to incorporate all your ideas. Each illustration is carefully designed and sketches are submitted for client approval.
  • Because the price for this service includes, not only the cost of the illustrator’s work, but also working materials. My drawings require the use of Copic alcohol-based markers and high-quality thick paper.
  • Because the process of creating an original illustration includes preliminary preparation, the search for images and ideas, and the creation of the drawing itself. This process requires at least two days of work.

Why so cheap?

  • Because I take into account the average market prices for similar services of the same quality. Unreasonably inflating prices means cheating the client.
  • Because I’m a “solo artist” and I don’t involve third-party specialists. Therefore, the price of my services does not include the cost of personnel, office rent and other costs that my competitors – larger companies – have.
  • Because I respect my clients and their budgets. If you can pay a fair price, why should you pay more?

Examples of my work

Other services

Company logo design
Work duration: from 3 days
Price: from 200€
Corporate identity design
Work duration: from 10 days
Price: from 800€
Illustrations and graphic design
Work duration: from 3 days
Price: subject to agreement