Web development and web design

If you are a business owner, blogger, photographer or just an interesting person who has something to tell the world and you need a website then, you probably need a custom web development service. Nowadays, every single project you embark on needs its own website. And your website is crucial, because it’ll be the “face” of your company and it will have a great impact on how your clients, fans or readers perceive you.

Web development from scratch

Work duration: from 25 days
Price: from 1500€

Website design and layout creation

Work duration: from 5 days
Price: from 500€

Design and development of illustrated websites

Work duration: from 20 days
Price: from 1800€

WordPress website development

Work duration: from 15 days
Price: from 1200€

Logo design for your website

Work duration: from 3 days
Price: from 200€

Website redesign

Work duration: from 15 days
Price: from 1200€


Why so expensive?

  • Because I only make high-quality websites, from scratch, without using templates. The design of each site is unique.
  • Because programming without templates not only allows me to create a website with an original design, but it also makes it faster and lightweight, and does not overload it with unnecessary code. This will help your website get good search engine rankings. Google, Yandex and other search engines encourage high quality websites and place them higher in search results, while websites created on templates are much more difficult to promote.
  • Because the creation of each website requires an average of one and a half months of intensive work, or even more.

Why so cheap?

  • Because I take into account the average market prices for similar services of the same quality. Unreasonably inflating prices means cheating on the client.
  • Because I’m a “solo artist” and I don’t involve third-party specialists. Therefore, the price of my services does not include the cost of personnel, office rent and other costs that my competitors – larger companies – have.
  • Because I respect my clients and their budgets. If I can replace a plugin that requires payment with a free one, or write the code myself, I will always do it.

Other services

If you didn´t find the service you were looking for in this section, it’s not a big deal. Perhaps you may be interested in one of the services mentioned below.

Company logo design
Work duration: from 3 days
Price: from 200€
Corporate identity design
Work duration: from 10 days
Price: from 800€
Illustrations and graphic design
Work duration: from 3 days
Price: subject to agreement

Order your website development right now

We’ll provide you with every single detail: the design, the logo, the name and the texts. In my web design studio, all these components will be brought to perfection, and your site will gain a lot of fans very soon. Therefore, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and high quality website development service, you can order it in my design studio right now. I will gladly create a fantastic website for your company. I like when my clients are happy.